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The Raven's Cup

Berrylicious Melon Grove Iced Green Tea

Berrylicious Melon Grove Iced Green Tea

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🍓🍉🌺 Berrylicious Melon Groove is the ultimate summer jam for your teacup. Picture this: a secret garden party where strawberries moonwalk with watermelon slices, and hibiscus petals do the cha-cha with green tea leaves.

  1. Green Tea (The Groovy Base): Our cool cat green tea sets the rhythm. It’s like the bassline that keeps the party going. Sip it, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing shades and doing the twist.

  2. Apple Pieces (The Funky Crunch): These apple chunks are the disco balls of the blend. They shimmy and shake, adding sweetness and a satisfying crunch. Imagine a fruit salad doing the electric slide.

  3. Hibiscus (The Flamenco Flamboyance): Hibiscus struts in, wearing a crimson flamenco dress. It twirls, it stomps, and suddenly, your taste buds are clapping in rhythm. Olé!

  4. Natural Strawberry Flavor (The Smooth Crooner): The strawberry flavor slides in like a smooth jazz saxophone solo. It’s sweet, soulful, and hits all the right notes. Close your eyes, and you’re at a strawberry jam session.

  5. Natural Watermelon Flavor & Strawberries (The Salsa Fusion): Watermelon and strawberries team up for a salsa explosion. They twirl, dip, and dip again. The watermelon whispers, “Let’s add some juicy vibes,” and the strawberries reply, “And a dash of sass!”

  • Serve it iced, garnished with a sprig of mint. Imagine the mint leaves doing the twist too!
  • Pair it with a funky playlist and your best dance moves.

Remember, Berrylicious Melon Groove isn’t just tea; it’s a flavor fiesta. Sip, shimmy, and let the fruity beats take you to tea paradise! 🎶🍹🕺

Disclaimer: No actual dance moves required, but highly encouraged.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Apple Pieces, Hibiscus, Natural Strawberry Flavor, Natural Watermelon Flavor & Strawberries

Contains a moderate level of caffeine

Each quart pouch contains 10 grams of tea leaves and yields 32 ounces of brewed tea. (Add 1 pouch to a quart of water and refrigerate overnight.) Each bag comes with 5 pouches.

Net weight 1.76 oz (50 g)

This product is home produced.

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