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The Raven's Cup

John Matthew's Whiskey Moonrise Loose Leaf Tea Blend

John Matthew's Whiskey Moonrise Loose Leaf Tea Blend

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Brew up a tea that embodies the enigmatic spirit of John Matthew, the reincarnation of the Black Dagger Brother Darius in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. 🌙✨

John Matthew’s Whiskey Moonrise


In the dimly lit chambers of the Brotherhood’s sanctuary, where moonbeams kiss ancient scrolls and shadows whisper forgotten spells, you’ll discover “John Matthew’s Whiskey Moonrise.” This tea is no ordinary brew; it’s a journey into realms unseen, guided by the quiet strength of a mute warrior.


  1. Black Tea: Hand-harvested under the moon’s watchful gaze, its leaves cradle secrets of past lives.
  2. Keemun Concerto Tea: A haunting melody of smoky notes, reminiscent of battles fought and scars earned.
  3. Rose Hips: Petals plucked from forbidden gardens, their sweetness masking the ache of lost memories.
  4. Cocoa Nibs: Dark as midnight, they weave tales of passion and sacrifice.
  5. Lapsang Souchong Tea: Smoky tendrils rise, revealing glimpses of otherworldly realms.
  6. Whiskey Flavor: A drop of liquid courage, as if John Matthew himself whispered, “Fear not, my friend.”
  7. Blue Cornflowers: Their azure hue conceals secrets only the moon knows.
  8. Natural Candy Apple Flavor: A touch of forbidden fruit, luring you deeper into the night.
  9. Natural Vanilla Flavor: Soft as moonlight, it cradles your senses.

Brewing Instructions:

  1. Moonbeam Infusion: Steep one teaspoon of “John Matthew’s Whiskey Moonrise” in freshly drawn water, preferably under a crescent moon. Allow the magic to unfold for 3 minutes.
  2. Silent Reflection: As you sip, close your eyes. Can you hear the whispers of forgotten love? The echo of battles won?
  3. Embrace the Mystery: Let the smoky Lapsang Souchong transport you beyond mortal realms. Explore. Remember. Reincarnate.


  • Beware the unexpected visions that may arise. John Matthew himself might appear, clad in leather and mystery, offering cryptic advice.
  • This tea pairs well with moonlit walks, star-crossed destinies, and the thrill of unraveling ancient scrolls.
  • Not recommended for skeptics or those who fear the unknown. Only the curious and the moonstruck need apply.

Disclaimer: “John Matthew’s Whiskey Moonrise” is a fictional creation. Any resemblance to real characters, living or undead, is purely coincidental. Drink responsibly, and remember that sometimes the moon holds more answers than daylight ever will. 🌙🔮

Ingredients: Black Tea, Keemun Concerto Tea, Rose Hips, Cocoa Nibs, Lapsang Souchong Tea, Whiskey Flavor, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Candy Apple Flavor & Natural Vanilla Flavor

Caffeine Content: High

Net weight 3 oz (85.0486 g)

This product is home produced.

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