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CinnaMatcha Apple Enchantment

CinnaMatcha Apple Enchantment

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🍵✨ CinnaMatcha Apple Enchantment 

Description: Step into a magical grove where ancient apple trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, their leaves whispering secrets. In the heart of this enchanted orchard, you’ll find the mystical CinnaMatcha Apple Enchantment tea. Brewed from the finest Matcha Tea leaves and infused with the essence of cinnamon-kissed apples, this elixir transports you to a whimsical realm.

With every sip, you’ll feel the warmth of cinnamon embrace your senses, while the vibrant green of Matcha swirls like emerald magic. The aroma dances between sweet and spicy, promising delightful surprises. Perhaps you’ll catch glimpses of mischievous forest sprites or hear the soft laughter of apple fairies.

This enchanting brew promises a harmonious blend of earthy Matcha and the sweet warmth of apple cinnamon. Imagine sipping it in a cozy nook, surrounded by ancient tomes and flickering candlelight. Each sip whispers secrets from forgotten realms and stirs the magic within. ✨📚

So, let’s raise our teacups to CinnaMatcha Apple Enchantment, where flavor meets fantasy! 🍵🍎🌟

This is a Samidori cultivar from Uji, Japan, flavored with natural cinnamon and apple. It is a high-grade Spring (first harvest) tea.

Ingredients: Matcha Tea & Natural Apple Cinnamon Flavor

High Caffeine Content

Net weight 3 oz (85.0486 g)

This product is home produced.


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