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The Raven's Cup

Cocoa-Sweet Matcha Whimsy

Cocoa-Sweet Matcha Whimsy

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Cocoa-Sweet Matcha Whimsy

Previously known as Organic Sweet Cocoa Matcha

In the heart of the Sugarleaf Symphony, where fireflies compose nocturnal sonatas, our tea alchemists have crafted the ethereal Cocoa-Sweet Matcha Whimsy. 🍵🎶


  1. Organic Cane Sugar: Plucked from the sugar harpsichords, each crystal hums a sweet refrain.
  2. Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea: Infused with moonlight, these emerald notes harmonize with the cosmos.
  3. Organic Cocoa Powder: Whispers of cocoa beans, kissed by starlight, add depth to the melody.

Tasting Notes: As you sip the Cocoa-Sweet Matcha Whimsy, close your eyes. The first chord strikes—a chocolate crescendo dances with matcha’s verdant trill. The sugar strings pluck memories of sun-kissed meadows. It’s a symphony of comfort and wonder, a lullaby for the soul.

Recommended Pairings:

  • Stardust Truffles: Hand-rolled by cosmic confectioners.
  • Honeyed Mooncakes: Each bite reveals a lunar secret.
  • Sugarleaf Shortbread: Crisp cookies that echo with laughter.

Caution: Excessive consumption may lead to astral travel, spontaneous poetry, and an affinity for stardust. Side effects are purely magical. ✨🌿

May your teacup overflow with sweetness, and may your dreams be dipped in cocoa moonbeams! 🌙🍫

Premium matcha stands out as a superior variety of green tea powder, distinguished by its intense, bright green hue and a depth of flavor that is both rich and subtly sweet. Sourced from select tea leaves, often from the first or second harvest, it undergoes a meticulous process of shade-growing, steaming, and fine grinding. This premium grade is celebrated not just for its role in traditional tea ceremonies, but also for its versatility in contemporary culinary applications, such as in lattes, smoothies, and desserts. Its elevated quality ensures a balance of robust flavor and high nutritional value, including a significant concentration of antioxidants.

Serving Size: 1 tsp (4g) Calories: 15 Total Carbs: 4g (1%DV)

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic premium matcha green tea, and organic cocoa powder

High Caffeine Content

Net weight 3 oz (85.0486 g)

This product is home produced.

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