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The Raven's Cup

Spellbound Orchard Loose Leaf Black Tea

Spellbound Orchard Loose Leaf Black Tea

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(Previously known as Peach Strawberry)

Spellbound Orchard is a whimsical fusion of flavors plucked from enchanted groves. Imagine sipping from a cup where peaches and strawberries perform a fruity ballet. Let’s explore the magic behind each ingredient:

  1. Black Tea: The conductor of our fruity symphony, orchestrating notes like a maestro.
  1. Freeze-Dried Peach Pieces: Sun-kissed fragments from the Peach Queen’s orchard. They infuse the brew with golden warmth and playful spells.
  1. Freeze-Dried Strawberry Pieces: Celestial jewels that burst with cosmic sweetness. Each sip reveals constellations of flavor.
  1. Safflower: Petals spun by starlight, dyed in hues only seen by dreamers. Safflower pirouettes through the cup, inviting you to waltz with delight.

Brew a cup of Spellbound Orchard, close your eyes, and let the fruity enchantment transport you to a realm where peaches giggle and strawberries twirl. Remember, magic lingers where tea meets imagination. ✨🍵🌟

Ingredients: black tea (93 %), flavoring, freeze-dried peach pieces (peach, sugar), freeze-dried strawberry pieces, safflower

Caffeine Content: High

Net weight 3 oz (85.0486 g)

This product is home produced.

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