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The Raven's Cup

Pistachio Petal Pu-erh

Pistachio Petal Pu-erh

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This strong, spicy and earthy tea blend has found a perfect partner in the wonderfully nutty pistachio. In a hidden corner of the tea universe, where time dances to the rhythm of steeping leaves, there lies a mystical tea garden known only to those with a heart for adventure. Its name? “Pistachio Petal Pu’erh.”

Picture this: As the sun kisses the dew-kissed petals, the garden awakens. The air is thick with anticipation, and the leaves rustle in excitement. Here, the ancient pu’erh trees stand tall, their gnarled roots reaching deep into the earth—a testament to centuries of wisdom. Their leaves, like parchment scrolls, hold secrets whispered by the wind.

🌿 Spicy Earthiness: The Tea Sage’s Wisdom The pu’erh leaves, aged and wizened, gather in a circle. They share stories of emperors and nomads, of distant mountains and forgotten temples. Their spicy notes swirl like incense, invoking memories of ancient tea ceremonies. Each sip is a pilgrimage—a journey through time itself.

🥜 Nutty Pistachio: The Nutcracker’s Waltz And then, the pistachios arrive. They tumble into the blend, their shells cracking open like secrets revealed. Their nutty essence pirouettes with the pu’erh, creating a dance of flavors. Close your eyes, and you’ll hear the crunch of pistachio shells underfoot—a rhythm that echoes through the ages.

🌸 Ennobled Optic: Petals of Whispers Peony petals, delicate and blushing, weave through the tea like threads of moonlight. They tell tales of love and longing, of courtly romances and moonlit rendezvous. With every sip, the petals unfurl, revealing hidden chambers of the heart. The garden becomes a tapestry of color—a canvas painted by the gods.

🏮 Asian Inspiration: Lanterns in the Night As you lift the cup to your lips, the scent of crunchy pistachios transports you. Suddenly, you’re in an Asian marketplace—the lanterns casting warm glows on wooden stalls. Tea houses beckon, their paper doors whispering secrets. You taste the bustling streets, the quiet temples, and the serenity of a thousand lotus ponds.

🎶 The Symphony Unfolds And so, dear traveler, Pistachio Petal Pu’erh unfolds—a symphony of contrasts. It’s the harmony of ancient whispers and nutty crescendos, of delicate petals and robust earth. Brew a cup, close your eyes, and let the aroma envelop you. You’ll find yourself in that secret garden, where time bends and flavors sing.

🌿🌸 Promises of an Unforgettable Journey Whether you’re a seasoned tea sage or a curious newcomer, this tea promises more than a mere sip. It’s an invitation to wander, to dream, and to discover. So raise your cup, my friend, and let the magic of Pistachio Petal Pu’erh carry you away. 🍵✨

May your tea adventures be as whimsical as the petals that dance upon your tongue! 🌸🌿✨

Ingredients: black tea Pu Erh (93 %), pistachios, flavoring, peony petals

Caffeine Content: High

Net weight 3 oz (85.0486 g)

This product is home produced.


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