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The Raven's Cup

RavenSteep: The Iced Tea Infuser and Cold Brew Coffee Carafe

RavenSteep: The Iced Tea Infuser and Cold Brew Coffee Carafe

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The RavenSteep is your ultimate solution for enjoying freshly cold brewed iced tea or coffee without compromising precious fridge space. Crafted from durable BPA-free Tritan plastic, this sleek carafe features an air-tight, leak-free lid. Its rectangular shape allows it to fit seamlessly in your refrigerator door or be stored horizontally without any messy leaks. Whether you’re cold steeping loose-leaf tea or making cold brew coffee, the RavenSteep ensures a refreshing, flavorful brew every time. Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and hello to perfectly chilled iced tea and cold brew coffee! 🍹🌿

The RavenSteep comes with 2 reusable Fine-Mesh Filters that have removable bottoms for easy cleaning!

IMPORTANT: Cold brewing is recommended with this unit. If using hot water, do not put lid on or in refrigerator until water cools to room temperature. Pitcher is heat resistant up to 200°F. Do not over tighten.

Made in China | 2L/67 oz | 11.25" tall | 5.11" x 3.93" at base | BPA-free Tritan plastic

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